Walk fearlessly into birth with your heart wide open?

What if...

you entered childbirth in close relationship with your body, able to lean into your own innate wisdom to birth your baby.

Just imagine you felt the safety and security to surrender to the process of birth.

You are the center of your birth and you feel in control.



the ability to witness and enjoy the magnificent mystery of birth, however the outcome unfolds.


the awareness that you have been initiated into something new, a gift of self-expansion.


a trust in your own strength and capabilites.

While this experience was once out of question for some, the possibility of reclaiming a sense of personal power during childbirth is now top of mind.

You have found your way here because you are looking to be educated in a way that supports the WHOLE body system.


  • You want to feel prepared for the experience of childbirth itself. Understanding topics like physiology, anatomy, signs of labour, pain management, etc.

  • You understand that birth is not just a physical process, but also a mental, emotional, and spiritual one.

  • You want to feel supported through this expansive change in your life; the transition from maiden to mother.

  • You love opportunities for self-discovery, like journaling, visualization, and meditation.

  • Let's face it, there is an edgy truth that you cannot script your birth, but you want to gain skills to face the unknown and navigate it the best you can.

feel empowered!

reclaim your body and relationship to your body.

It is my humble honour to offer you a childbirth education course where science meets spirit.



Childbirth Education Course

I've taken everything I've experienced and been taught and created an insanely rich online course focused on prepping you for birth on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

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"My husband and I took a prenatal course with Rachelle and it was more than we could have asked for. She's gentle, empowering, and makes me feel safe. Having had previous Reiki treatments with her, I knew she'd be the perfect teacher for my prenatal journey. Rachelle strengthen my belief in the mind/body connection, and how powerful it can be during birth. Thank you Rachelle for sharing your incredible gift with us."


Awaken to the beauty and power inside your body.

Taught by a Certified Childbirth Educator and Mother of 3, this ONLINE 5 week Course will allow you to make a deep commitment to restoring balance in your own life, while creating an atmosphere of love and nurturing for your family. This class values ALL births, and all birth settings.


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A supportive and certified teacher guiding you through 10 hours of online training!

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Practices for self-discovery like journaling, visualization, and meditation.

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Complimentary resources packages on topics like prep for childbirth, postpartum care, and breastfeeding.

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"The Prenatal Course with Rachelle was educational and informative and most importantly, it gave me the confidence that I needed going into the unknown of childbirth. Rachelle had a beautiful way of presenting it all to the group, to make us feel seen and comfortable to ask questions and share. She ultimately, with the course and reiki sessions, helped me create a connection with my baby that became very special even before he arrived."


Are you ready to take the leap to feel empowered, encouraged, validated, and supported throughout your journey.

Online Self-Paced Course

Organized into 5 weeks, with the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and review and access material throughout your journey leading to labour and birth.


organized into weeks, designed in steps


Accept responsibility for the environment of your body by conscious choice making.

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to Creative Expression - exercises for personal growth.
  • Shaping your Experiences- nourishing mother and baby through sound, touch, sight, and taste.
  • Soul Baby Communication - Tips to connect with your spirit baby
  • Maintaining Harmony- respond to stressful situations with restful awareness. Practical exercises including meditation, affirmation/mantras, and yoga poses to reduce stress.
  • Take Home Exercise- managing stress.


Hone into your inner wisdom. Understand how your body works to birth your baby. Connect with your partner.

  • Honouring the Wisdom Within- access your inner intelligence by taking a close look at the production and release of natural chemical messengers (hormones) that facilitate the birth of your baby.
  • Understanding how your Body Works- physiological components (body parts) involved in the birthing process.
  • The Primary Power behind Labour and Birth- working with contractions.
  • Nourishing your Relationship with your Partner- conscious communication and listening between partners.


Build your toolkit to enhance your birthing experience.

  • The Birthing Experience - setting clear intentions for your birth while remaining flexible to all possibilities.
  • Cervical Dilation and Effacement- a representation of the process of dilation from 1-10cm.
  • Am I in Labour?- signs of labour and warning signs of labour.
  • Moving through Labour- exploration of the process of labour, stages 1 to 3.
  • The Basics of Sphincters Law- understanding the correlation of emotions on our involuntary muscles.
  • Creating a Supportive Environment- creating a comfortable birth space.
  • Birthing your Way- finding your birthing position.


Enable students to have expanded choices in the birth process, allowing them to make informed decisions for themselves and their baby.

  • A Note on Pain- reframing your perception on pain.
  • Preparing Yourself- exercises on breath, visualization, and meditation.
  • Medical Safety Net- understanding the most common medical interventions that may arise during the birthing process.
  • Natural Alternatives- approaches to stimulating labour naturally.
  • Cesarean Birth- what to expect.


Support for unfolding as a mother.

  • Now that You've Met your Baby- strengthening the bond.
  • A Delicate Passage- nurturing the mother; post-partum recovery.
  • Consider your Village- building your support team.
  • First Traditional Food and Medicine- Breastfeeding.
  • Closing- Ceremony of Memory, and meditation for delivery happiness.

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"I began seeing Rachelle virtually, and in person, for reiki when I was in the first trimester of my first pregnancy. From our first meeting, conversation, and session together, she always felt so real. So authentic. So engaged, and in tune with me and my unborn baby. Her messages and reiki energy was unparalleled. Immediately I trusted her completely and was incredibly moved by her energy and completely sensitive, yet powerful demeanor. When she announced her childbirth/prenatal course, I immediately knew that this would be the only course of this kind that I would trust and felt called to take part in. Rachelle's course was impeccably and meticulously planned out week by week covering all things pregnancy, and childbirth. Both the scientific and energetic fields were covered and perfectly intertwined to bring comfort, information, education and facts to us 'students'. My husband and I attended every class together, and were both incredibly impressed by the amount of planning and preparation that was obviously poured into this 5 week, information packed curriculum. I cannot say enough about the knowledge and lessons that my husband and I learned throughout this course. I would 100% recommend taking this class to any expectant parents. You will not be disappointed. "



The Bonuses

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Preparation for Childbirth

46 page resource package to compliment the course.


From Maiden to Mother

33 page Postpartum Resource Package.

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Breastfeeding Roadmap

Gentle guidance for the feeding journey.

Conscious Childbirth Education Course

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Your ‚ÄčTeacher


Hey there!

I am a mother of three boys (ages 8, 6, and 4), Certified Childbirth Educator, Spirit Baby Communicator, Reiki Master, and Meditation guide. Whether you see the universe as spiritual or scientific, you have to marvel at the vital force that orchestrates the creation of life. It is my deepest passion to support women through the process of conception into motherhood, and to offer opportunity for women to discover the innate wisdom that resides within them.

I had learned that many women on the precipice of birth were not going in armed with the understanding that this is a mental, emotional and physical process. I wanted to show others that their are options, and to empower women to make choice, and to know they have choices. This was the drive behind creating my Conscious Childbirth Education Course.

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"First babies are scary and there is so much unknown, but Rachelle was extremely comforting and made me feel safe in my journey. Honouring the mind body connection during childbirth is one of the most important foundations to learn during delivery, and it was something I practiced on a regular basis. Rachelle gave me helpful tools to stay focused and use my breathing during this difficult time. My husband also loved the advice she gave and felt reassured that he could be an important part of this process. I highly recommend her classes for any expectant mother and their partners."



WHEN WILL THE COURSE MODULES BE RELEASED? The course modules will be released as soon as you gain access to the course. The content is organized into weeks, with an overall theme for each week. You have the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and review and access material throughout your journey leading to labour and birth. I understand that sometimes, life gets in the way and we get busy, so that's why I'm giving you one-year access to the video course content! You can keep the PDF resource packages for life!

IS THE COURSE CONTENT AUDIO, VIDEO, OR LIVE? All actually! Majority of the content is taught through video. A small portion like meditations for example are delivered through audio.

WHAT IF I HAVE QUESTIONS TO ASK? If any questions come up, you can send the directly to my email at

I AM PLANNING A HOSPITAL BIRTH WITH AN OB. IS THIS THE RIGHT COURSE FOR ME? Yes! This class is for ALL births and ALL birth settings.

ARE THERE PAYMENT PLANS? Yes! See below for options!

GOT MORE QUESTIONS? Send me your questions to

I'm ready!

This is for you if:

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You want to dive deep into pregnancy, birth and postpartum and leave this course feeling prepared, confident and empowered.

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You care about coming into close relationship with yourself and your intuition.

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You are a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. time mom!


This course is for ALL births and ALL birth settings.

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"Rachelle is absolutely amazing! as first time parents, we had tons of questions and our prenatal class really helped ease down the stress of having our first baby. Rachelle provides a great balance of educational material and personal experience, and it is clear she is passionate about educating new parents. we loved that she made it informative and interactive. this class is absolutely worth every minute and every penny. we highly recommend it!"


"We need to remember that birth can be a deepening of a relationship; a wonderful adventure into the body and soul- an adventure of a life!"

-Ina May Gaskin-

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Online Self-Paced Course

Organized into 5 weeks, with the opportunity to learn at your own pace, and review and access material throughout your journey leading to labour and birth.

Ready to join?


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HST included




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HST included